Hong Kong: Day 1

Stepping out of the taxi in Mui Wo, the first thing that happens is me dropping my phone and BOOM instant crack. I think to myself well this is going to be a fun holiday. This is what jet-lag does to a person. Luckily I took a deep yoga breath (i think I’ve been to one yoga class) and took in what was the view of me having to walk with my bags through a tiny path to get to where my family was staying. This is the thing about Hong Kong in most places the only way of getting around is on foot or by bicycle. This is when it hit me, packing my whole wardrobe wasn’t the best idea.


My annoyance didn’t last long, I mean how could it when there was so much beauty around me. All I can say is green for days. There is so much diversity in how the people live. As you walk through the houses you feel like the island is almost deserted as many people stay indoors. It is a very different way of living.


The best way to see any place is to explore and lucky for us my aunt is quite the tour guide. Hiking shoes on? (more like Nike’s, got to be stylish in nature to you know). The awesome thing about Hong Kong is that it has so many beautiful things to see from the views of the ocean to old buildings and alleyways. Let’s just say there is always a photo opportunity.




One thing that really stands out is the respect people have for their culture and traditions. The way they honor those who have passed is so immersed in the people’s everyday lives. As you walk up the hill there are many graveyards with food and flowers that are given as gifts to the deceased. It really captures how in touch the culture is with nature. One of the things I was so excited to tick of my must do’s was seeing the temples. The are so many throughout Hong Kong and they were just as beautiful as I thought they would be. Walking into the temples, there is a step that you must walk over out of respect. The first thing that will hit you is the scent of the incense that is burning above you.



The next thing on the list was to do what most girls do best, check out the local shops. Don’t expect Louis Vuitton or Guess.  One thing your hometown shops can’t beat is the beautiful views surrounding every corner. A skill you quickly learn and need to be equipped with when shopping in Hong Kong is bartering. Don’t be shy, they love it!



Food! How can I forget about one of the most important things in life? Food! We decided to try authentic Chinese cuisine and went to a restaurant overlooking the water. Let’s just say, food babies were real that day. Oh and, WARNING, if you can’t use chopsticks your hands become your best friends. We had almost everything the restaurant had to offer; squid, calamari, stir-fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, tofu, fish, prawns they even had ribs. I have never been a fan of Chinese food but it was so good. We were even lucky enough to get such an authentic experience that they allowed us to clean our own spoons and bowls (yay!) When in Rome, I guess?


With big smiles and happy tummies, day 1 in Hong Kong was a success. There is so much to do and see on this island and I really suggest that if you do ever go to Hong Kong you take a day trip to Mui Wo. It is just a completely different vibe to the city centre.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St Augustine

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