Hong Kong: Day 2

Barely any sleep. Probably was a combo of different time zones and possibly, no definitely the loudest snoring I have ever experienced in my life (not mentioning any family members). There was, however, no time to be tired. I had a whole other world to experience. Now as I mentioned in my last post traveling around Hong Kong is quite a different way of traveling. You have the luxury of trying out every transport possibly invented. From the island of Mui Wo, you must take the ferry to Hong Kong Central. It is an awesome way to take in the surrounding islands and beautiful ocean. Could easily travel to work like that every day!


It’s easy to stay fit if you on this holiday .. we walked everywhere. Gym who?? It was the best way to see every inch of this island. If you are looking for a laid back holiday you would stay in Mui Wo, Hong Kong Central is like a concrete jungle. For me, someone who has never been to New York its how I would imagine it is there. You are permanently on the go.


If you are a coffee addict like me, you would know the first priority would be caffeinating your body (let’s just say it wasn’t my first coffee of the day, but who’s counting?). In South Africa we can be a bit behind so to a bush baby like me Starbucks was on my bucket list. If you aren’t a “coffeeholic”. There are plenty awesome little restaurants in the IFC shopping centre where you can get your preferred drug. It also has the biggest apple store I have ever seen, so great if you are a tech freak (it is three levels!). One of the things that I was most fascinated by was how even in between all the tall modern buildings you would find some tradition and culture.


If you have a break-off work or are moving from one shop to the next you can take a quick trip to the temple to give thanks. It is also fascinating to see greenery between businesses and how it is left to grow naturally along with the graffiti that can be found on some of the side streets. It adds to the aesthetic of this diverse city.


There is always an opportunity to shop. You can get everything you need along one street in Hong Kong. From jade Buddhas ( which is one of the things I had to have) to designer bags. Anything you could think of they had. Who said you had to wait until Christmas time to buy Christmas lights. Disco ball, anyone???


I am not telling lies when I say they have every type of transport. In that day alone we took a bicycle to the ferry, then a ferry to central. When in central we got on a tram to get to the train. I’m pretty sure in between we even caught a bus. You would have thought we spent the whole day just getting on and off transport for the fun of it. This might be a norm for many people, but I’m used to getting in my car and going. It would make no sense to own a car in Hong Kong as there is not much place to go based on the island aspect of it.



There are so many different cuisines available. We tried to stick to tasting all the Asian food possible. Next on the list was Vietnamese. I have never thought of ever trying it, but why the heck not?! So I found myself outside a Vietnamese restaurant, we waited because we thought any place that has a line outside must be good. It did not disappoint! All the food had so much flavor that adding salt would just be an insult. The thing I love about going on holiday is that you want to taste it all and because you are on holiday, you think why not order everything on the menu. When it is too late you realize your eyes were way, way bigger than your stomach.

I had the most delicious drink. It tasted like a Mojito but had zero alcohol in it. It was made with sugar, lime, mint, and soda. AWESOME! It looked like one of the popular dishes to have, was a pork noodle soup. One of the healthier meals we ate (shhh). Now after all this food, don’t think you aren’t going to walk it off and if that doesn’t help there is always the bicycle ride home.


This is how people get around in Mui Wo. There are so many bicycles that if you don’t have a good memory you might end up walking home. It is quite a sight some of those bicycles look like they have been there for years.

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime”

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