Hong Kong: Day 3

Don’t get me wrong I love learning about different cultures and all, but at the end of the day, I’m still only a kid at heart. So when someone says let’s go to a theme park, I get just as excited as my fourteen-year-old cousin standing next to me. To be honest I’m pretty sure I saw what looked like a fifty-year-old man screaming at the top of his lungs on the airplane ride. I think that day I should have got a medal for how fast I got ready. Somehow we still ended up almost late for the ferry. Now I could have easily been born with two left legs. Therefore my coordination isn’t the best, so the thought of having to ride a bicycle gives me a slight butterfly feeling, but not a hell was I missing out on the rides. We made it to the ferry just in time and we were on our way to Ocean Park.

The view as you step off the train.

Ocean Park is like a magical little world. As you walk in they have crocodiles, otters, panda bears (I’m not about favoritism, but I was so close to stealing a red panda!), you had people walking on stilts, a whole building just dedicated to jellyfish, oh, and caramel popcorn stands everywhere! All the rides were on the top of the hill and if you were a true adventurer you could hike up (not really, so please don’t try it). Luckily I’m not so we took an awesome underground train you could take to the top of the hill. I honestly felt like I was on my way to Hogwarts (Yes, I am a Harry Potter freak).


Some super “friendly” crocodiles.


Inside the train.

Once you have regained sight due to the contrast in light between the outside world and the train you get a beautiful view once again of the surrounding islands. Now I may not be the best at holding a brave face when it comes to things that go upside down, the first ride we went on had my stomach in knots just looking at it. That pretty much sums up most of the rides at Ocean Park. It can, however, be quite addictive once you get over your initial fear. I must say if you do ever happen to wander into this theme park, this is a WARNING, the Abyss (the most terrifying ride I have ever been on, and will not repeat!) you ride at your own risk. I only say this because I am not one to find joy from being lifted so high in the sky and then just dropped.. Cue the dream where you just keep falling. I’ll leave it to the real adrenalin junkies. That being said I do believe that everything should be tried at least once.


Don’t be fooled by the smiling faces ( I almost lost my phone on this ride..).

If you are not as keen on heights and having your heart in your brain cavity, they have so many games you can play. I mean who wouldn’t want a strange-looking cat/mouse teddy bear. If shooting things isn’t your cup of tea they have some of the animals which can be found in the North and South poles.

Cute little fact: Male penguins give a stone/ pebble to the female penguin they want to spend the rest of their lives with (AAAAAAAWWWW!)


They 100% super-glued those cups down.

Now, this park stays open till quite late in the evening, but when you are students like we all were your wallet is like, hold up, we are only on the third day of the holiday. If you don’t want to take the train back down there is an alternative, which I HIGHLY suggest, you can take a cable car. The views from the cable car are something you have to see for yourself to truly appreciate it. It is like something out of a movie.The whole ride down, there was complete silence as we took in the view.



View of the rides from the cable car. 

“We mature in Knowledge and Wisdom but never leave the playground of our hearts”- Terri Guillemets

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