Hong Kong: Day 4

There is something about seeing a larger than life human being that can make a person feel inspired. Seeing the Big Buddha was a must for me. It is the largest Buddha in Hong Kong that overlooks the whole island.

So here I was feeling confident like we were standing near the right bus, which would take us to the Buddha. The only issue was that our cousin who was supposed to be our “tour guide” was missing in action. The only thing I could think was, what if this is the wrong bus? What if it takes us so far, we will get lost and have to live in Hong Kong forever! Luckily my brother is the rational one and saw my cousin standing next to the bus opposite us. Oops!


The walk up to the Big Guy.

One of the things that I have realized about Hong Kong is that it isn’t only the destination that is a sight to see, but around every bend in the road and views out the ferry, there is something new. When we arrived I could feel myself relaxing, knowing that we were not lost and didn’t have to possibly, live the rest of our lives stuck on an island (drama queen much). It was packed, everyone wanted to get a picture with this huge creation.

The sight of those steps could be quite daunting, luckily I had been on the walker at the gym every day. All that hard work and preparation leading up to this one moment. Step by step we conquered the mighty steps up, up, up… To be quite honest with you, it looks much worse than what it actually is. Five minutes later we were at the top of the steps staring up at the big guy. It is something I think everyone should see, but I felt like it was more the whole idea of the Buddha that was interesting. You can go inside and read up about it.Let me not spoil it for you…


I wonder if they have a secret escalator at the back???



The smaller statues looking up at the Buddha and the view from the top. AWESOME!

The Buddha is not the only thing to see, you can also go pray and give thanks at the Temple. Walking up to the temple you are accompanied by the smell of incense as people pray.


Every important place has an archway leading up to it.

Getting our incense on.  


Everything is large in this place, go big or go home I guess…

Sadly no photo shoots were allowed inside, but it was similar to the other temples (you can go check them out in my previous posts), just on a grander scale. The rooms are so vibrant with color, the smell of incense and the whispers of prayer. The room right at the back was the grandest of them all. The walls were tiled with thousands of tiny golden carved out Buddhas and then bigger ones sat in the middle. It felt like we were in a palace. It is a place you go when you just want peace, maybe not quite, but it makes you feel all philosophical inside. Like, what is life? Why are we on Earth?? I wonder what we are going to eat for lunch?? If you take a short walk away from the temple you will end up in a little town filled with shops and restaurants. Here we come Starbucks!


Shops, shops, and more shops!

After the sub of the day, it is time to leave to get ready for New Year’s Eve dinner. You can take the bus all the way home again or you can take a cable car and take in the view down from the Buddha. We obviously chose option two. If you don’t mind spending a little more money you can get the cable car that allows you to see through the bottom… Cash wasn’t the issue this time. The thought of being able to see bellow myself while dangling high in the sky was not exactly my cup of tea ( or in my case more like a cup of pumpkin spiced latte). All in all the day was a success the amount of history we got to see was incredible. It always boggles my mind that we can see and learn about things that were going on way before we were even a thought! History aside it was now time to celebrate, New Year’s Eve here we come, but that is a story for next time  …


View from the cable car.

“You will miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut” – Dr. Seuss

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