Hong Kong: Day 6

So the answer is yes! Yes, I did have an awesome New Years. Yes, I may have had too much to eat and drink. Yes, I started my New Years off spending the day in my pajamas and NO!  I do not regret it. The one thing I realized while traveling, is that as much as it is such an adrenaline rush, it can be just as exhausting. So no you aren’t weird when you come back from a holiday and feel like you need another holiday. I believe that there is always time for a day off, even if you are on holiday!

So with Day 5 consisting of a horror movie marathon and meals consisting of purely chocolate ( my Netflix and chill go to ), we will skip to Day 6.. DONT JUDGE!

The awesome thing about taking the early ferry, if you are fast enough and not still trying to wipe the sleep out of your eyes, is that you get to sit outside. The fresh air wakes you up straight away.

Here we come Kowloon! Kowloon is another island off of Hong Kong Central. We took a five-minute ferry across. Yes, FIVE whole minutes. I know what you are thinking, “Damn you could have just swam across???”. Now this was the first day we had no guides along with us so this would be a true “you are on your own”  adventure, but that’s what holidays are about. Getting lost.


Now we had a mission, well my mom did anyway… After arguing for what felt like forever about whether to go right or left we found ourselves walking in a circle. HA! We decided to wing it. You know like when you write a test you didn’t really study for so you guess the answers. Mom, if you are reading this I am referring to a friend, I would never ever wing it! We “wung” it so hard we actually found ourselves in the right place.

Who needs to go to the aquarium, when you can walk down the street and see every type of fish under the see for sale. It is so weird to see them swimming in tanks and then think that people will be chomping down on them later. Sorry, Nemo!  People in Hong Kong are very efficient and this means they are pros at multi-tasking. If you look close enough you will see that the man in the left picture is not sucking on a lollipop, but actually taking his smoke break. Who doesn’t like smoked tuna though???

The joke obviously wasn’t that funny… 

You thought a five-minute ferry trip was weird. Some of the roads in Kowloon were blocked off for some unbeknown reason. This meant with the use of an ancient thing called a “map” and no not google’s one, we had to find the nearest train station in order to cross the road from under the ground. After playing around on the travelator of course.. Once we finally crossed the road we got our shop on. The best place to buy anything at a good price is the ladies market (that is just the name, it sells men’s stuff too). You really learn new tricks. Who knew all you had to do was walk away for a phone charger to go from 200 Hong Kong dollars (R400) to 80 (R160). Magic! I think, no-no, I know I spent most of my holiday money in the 30 minutes it took us to walk through this market.That being said it was a truly authentic experience. If you are the type of person who can’t handle tight spaces, it might not be for you.


Ladies Market

Next was the Jade market. Jade is an emerald-green gemstone that can be found in Burma and Guatemala and is very popular in China ( who said this wouldn’t be educational!). The bartering that was done in this market was one hundred times worse and I’m not exaggerating this time. We literally got to the first stall and spent an hour telling the lady no thank only to end up buying earrings and a ring. Sure it may not sound like a lot, but Jade is not the cheapest thing in the world. There are rows and rows of stalls with every item made out of jade. Buddhas, to jewelry, to money frogs and everything in between. We didn’t carry on as it is truly exhausting to have to fight off someone every five seconds. Especially when you are a softy like me and will buy everything just so you don’t have to say no. I guess everyone has to make a living somehow.


Happy to have made it out alive and wallet still intact. The Jade Market is in the background.

It was time to head home, as we knew it would take some time navigating ourselves back. Before we left we had to take a walk down a street made for the rich and famous. Gucci, Channel, Guess, Louis Vuitton, should I go on? It was a girls dream. We didn’t dare to go in though, that would have been dangerous, not so much for us but definitely for my dad.We were more than relieved to know that we had not missed the ferry. Safe, on our way home, happy with what we had bought, we got to see this awesome view.


Home Time!

Luckily before the sunset, we made it back in time to have dinner at the local pub. The China Club. This is definitely one of those places in Mui Wo where everyone knows your name (yes, that was a Cheers reference). You can have a drink and order something to nibble on. I recommend their Nachos. Delicioso! If that isn’t enough for you then you might want a show too. This is provided by the local Buffalo, don’t be shocked if you see them strolling casually past as you walk home.

Views from the China Bear

Tomorrow we are visiting the Portuguese Island of Macau so don’t miss out on my next post!

“Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – IBN Buttata

7 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Day 6

    1. It really is “a must” place to visit. I am from South Africa and it is nothing like I am used to. It is super faced paced in the Central district, but it literally takes a ferry ride and you are in the calm of the small islands. It has the best of both and really has so much culture to learn about. xx

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    1. I know I am from South Africa and we mainly use cars to get around, and being someone who has never used public transport it was a real learning curve, especially the thought that if you don’t catch the ferry you could easily get to where you need to go a tad late… xx

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