Hong Kong: Final Days

Leaving a place behind can bring about so many emotions. Sadness, because you may be leaving family or friends. Stress, because now you have to pack your case again (hoping and praying the airport will let you bring the whole of H&M in your suitcase, because you got a little excited and over shopped). If you are lucky enough to be heading to a new destination like we did, then you may feel amped and excited. If you are going home you may feel ready to get back, homesick or like most people dreading reality.  I find that on your last day it hits you like a ton of bricks, how much you actually did, learned and enjoyed yourself.

If you are like me you probably felt all of the above.

There was no time to feel upset though because that night we were going to go out with a bang! My aunt organized for us to go to one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, The China Club. Its style can be described as 60’s chic. It is located in the Old Bank of China.

As you walk in you are immediately welcomed and feel at ease as the staff is so friendly. If you are not ready for dinner just yet, there is a bar as you go up the stairs. You get the retro feel again and it makes you feel like you are a star in an old movie or TV show. Moulin Rouge comes to mind. I mean come on they serve peanuts at the bar (can you tell I don’t go to bars often). Excited by the vibe in the bar, I ordered my absolute favorite drink, a Mojito. OMG! It was so delicious that I savored every sip (You could taste the large sugar crystals at the bottom).


Drinks in hand, it was time to go take in that city view one last time. Lights shining from every building, you don’t know where to look first. Perfect spot for a romantic date (tip for all you couples out there).


You walk into the dining area and once again you feel like you have gone back in time. Lucky us, we got the table right in front so we had a great view of the band and acts.

When you think of tea time, you think of a calm peaceful setting, sandwiches/biscuits, and tea, right? Well, we got to see tea-time taken to a whole other level. The band was cleared away and out came a man holding a teapot with the longest spout I have ever seen ( I imagine it could easily be used in a sword fight). The tea-pot was swung every which way and each time he still managed to get the tea in this tiny cup. It is something that you have to see to get the awesomeness of it all.

After all the excitement we got to eat! Course after course, after course, I kept thinking was this ever going to end!? Sadly and luckily it did, but not without a little fortune cookie. Buttons popping, I still ate it, because the thing about fortune cookies is that you have to eat them for your fortune to come true (you don’t have to tell me twice!). Let’s just say I am going to run into a fortune and travel a lot this year, sounds good to me!

With only ten minutes to catch our ferry, we found ourselves running down the streets of Hong Kong. Trying not to trip over my own feet, we made it, but not without a photo at the bar.



With the last day blues, we packed the last of our things, said our goodbyes and got on our bicycles. HA! just joking my bag would flatten a bicycle in a second. The taxi ride home sucked because we all knew this was the end. This, however, didn’t last long as we were on a plane to see our other family down under. Aus, here we come!

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”


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