Perth: Day 1

Six o’clock in the morning, wiping the sleep out of our eyes we spot my aunty waiting at the bottom of the escalator. Trying not to burst into tears we are welcomed by her big smile. 6 years is a long time when it comes to not seeing your family. Thirty minutes later we arrive in Duncraig where my family lives. I am nervous and excited to see my cousins, as one is when you only remember them as babies. Nope, that’s not who runs out the door! My nerves leave as I get the biggest hug ever, it’s just as if they never left!

I hear a “hello” and I see the words coming out of my cousin’s mouth, it’s just not what I expected. Accents always take me by surprise… After a whole lot of catching up, still half asleep, we decide to do some shopping. Now, this was one of the weirdest things, some of the shops have self check-out, Far-out!



Waiting for my cousin to come home from work, we think what could we do to pass some time and I always have one go to when I’m sitting home not knowing what to do, bake of course. Let’s just say Charlies Bakery would love to have us (over confidence talking!). Feeling guilty for eating most of the cupcakes, my brother being the gym freak he is, decides let’s all go to the gym??? Not exactly the something you consider doing when you have just arrived in a country… I mean come on!


Those did not last long.

The thing about Perth is that the roads are very quiet which is quite different from what we are used to in Cape Town. You walk into the gym and there is n one at the front desk, the trust is crazy. Everyone is so honest that everything runs so smoothly. Let’s just say we didn’t go back to the gym as when we did finally find out how much we were supposed to pay for a gym session we would have had to start working at the gym in order to afford it… Thanks, exchange rate and student budget.

Feel the burn.

Another thing that was so strange to us was the fact that all the shops closed at 5:00 pm! So if you ever planned on going late night supper shopping, don’t! You will be eating last nights left overs, that let’s see what we have in our fridge meal or takeout (which isn’t always a bad thing)… Our gym session did not go to waste, however as we were going out for pizza that night. Now I might be delayed, but when I heard there was such a thing as dessert pizza I could have shed a tear of pure happiness. I mean who wouldn’t be excited, two of the best creations, pizza, and dessert! So we hopped on a bus to get the train station in order to get on a train, which would take us Leederville. Hectic, right! I think this holiday has really opened me up to the wonders of public transport.


What is waiting for the bus without a selfie??

Leederville is like a mini city. It reminded me so much of the nightlife and city streets of Cape Town, but in true Perth style it, more laid back. The shops, street art, and restaurants all had a youthful, hippie vibe with the sound of laughter and music coming from every direction.

We all, however, had one goal and one destination in our minds, pizza. Little Caesars here we come! Trying not to look like a weirdo, I try to catch a glimpse of what everyone else has ordered and let me tell you it all looked so delicious. Looking at the menu didn’t help either as they had so many pizzas to choose from. Luckily there was 8 of us so we could order a few pizza’s and try them all. Trying to save space for dessert I had a slice of each and they tasted just as good as they looked. I really recommend going with a big group as then you can also get to taste a few. Buttons popped, round tummies, we were so ready for round two. We decided on a red velvet pizza with ice cream. No words, okay two words. CHOCOLATE OVERDOSE. It was so worth the calories we burned at the gym. If you are a pizza lover I really do recommend this little slice of pizza heaven.

Please sir, may I have some more!

After rolling our way to the train station I could definitely say a great first day in Perth. You get the best of both worlds. If you just want a quiet vacation then you can stay in the residential area but if that isn’t enough for you, the city life is just a train ride away. Awesome!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

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