Perth: Day 2

There is one thing that doesn’t change, even if you cross borders to try to get away, it WILL follow you!

No, I am not referring to some really weird stalker with a hoodie and sunglasses, it’s much worse than that. Try rather, sleeping to the melodic tones of your brothers snoring. Just when you think he is done, he lets out a roar and if you are lucky enough he turns over in his sleep and slaps you awake.

Wide-awake ready to explore the rest of Perth. Well, after coffee naturally. Once again we catch the bus, which will take us to the train station in order to board a train that will, in turn, take us to the city center.


Waiting for the bus: “Did we miss it?!”

About an hour later we find ourselves back in our usual territory the shopping center. How can you come to Australia and not visit Cotton On, I mean come on! Everyone rocking a new pair of glasses we are off again taking in all the sunny sites Perth city center has to offer. We made our way to the Elizabeth Quay waterfront to catch the ferry that takes you across to South Perth. Being tourists caught up with us and we found ourselves literally sprinting for the ferry. One second, one second between us sitting our bums on the ferry and us wasting valuable oxygen from running to catch it. The reality of it all was the latter, however, I do believe that everything happens for a reason (I am quite philosophical like that).

We were such tourists that day!

The reason: filling our tummies with a much-needed beer and hot chips at a vibey container bar called Embargo. There has always been something about markets and pop-up shops that have made me feel happy. It’s probably the mixture of the music, good food, laughter and of course all the awesome smells!

Attempt 2, with our stomachs well lined we made our way across to South Perth. Getting off the ferry you get a different atmosphere in South Perth. A cute little restaurant and coffee shop welcomes you. Now don’t get me wrong, I can drink coffee in 50-degree weather, but I was ready for something a little stronger and OH BOY that is what I got.

Have you ever seen people so happy to have missed their lift???

We made our way to a hotel called The Windsor. As I mentioned in my early posts, one of my favorite cocktails is the beautiful, Mojito. If you are not much of a drinker I recommend you taste it before you order it or only have one as it comes in a mason jar and you will be thinking “Hello, rum!” If you are younger there are plenty mocktails that are just as delicious!


The day was escaping us slowly, but we would not be beaten. We would see more! So back to the ferry we went but not before we could take a photo of the awesome view of the city you get from the dock.


A very short ferry ride later we are back in the city running for another train, which will take us to another awesome hub in Perth, Fremantle or Freo to the locals. Walking down the streets of Freo there are plenty little artsy coffee shops and boutiques. It is a contrast once again to the city and residential areas we had visited. The streets were busy with many young people heading for a music festival nearby. My favorite part is the unexpected art pieces you find on the walls of random buildings, it really captures the personality of Freo.


If you are a lover of markets like me they have the Fremantle Markets. I loved it in there as they had everything. A little tip if you know you are about to visit a market. Save your appetite for all the different delicious food that they have to offer! We decided on Hawaiian style salad. This is right up our street as it is super healthy but with so many bursts of flavors! Hawaii is definitely on my list of places to visit if that is how all their food tastes.

The awesome thing about people is that we all like different things. We all have individual taste buds and different flavors tickle our fancy. Not all of us are permanently on a “diet”. Diets should not exist in markets, don’t enter if you can’t handle temptation!

Ice cream in a waffle cone. Not just a plain toaster waffle, no! A waffle with pockets containing whatever flavor your heart desires. Warm melt in your mouth peanut butter ( Now I am the queen of peanut butter, I will wear that crown proudly, but this was a new experience for me), chocolate or even cookie dough compliments the coolness of the ice cream.


Expressions worth 1000 words… and 2 seconds later.

The awesome thing about public transport is that if you have eaten too much and feel a little post waffle nap coming on, you can. Well if you are anything like my dad you would be able to fall asleep while simultaneously skydiving, casual (Love you dad, but it’s true and I am actually quite jelly!). To be quite honest we saw and did so much that I could even have done with a little…………………………………Zzz.


Waiting for the bus.  I can 100 percent guarantee we are half asleep behind those glasses…

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it is lethal.”- Paulo Coelho

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