Jurien Bay

Who said you couldn’t go on holiday when on holiday? This just required packing another bag. After this trip, I could easily learn to live out of a suitcase. This being said I don’t think my mom would agree. Bags packed, Jurien Bay here we come!


An hour into the car ride, hardcore traveler.

When cruising down the roads of Perth don’t be surprised if you are caught dicing with a kangaroo, it is apparently the norm to see them hopping around freely. It is so awesome to see them living free in their natural habitat. If you are lucky enough you might even spot a baby joey in its pouch.

Two hours later, about over one hundred songs played (I don’t know about you, but I am that person who will stare out the window and contemplate the meaning of life while Ed Sheeran plays in the background), we had arrived. Jurien Bay is the perfect place to go to get some much-needed peace and quiet. The definition of relaxed. The streets are quieter than that of Duncraig (residential area).

This was the second time I rode a bicycle this holiday (need to slow down on my rebel behavior) however, this time there was no rush and we could just explore. Riding down the streets of Jurien Bay you feel as if you could be back in Cape Town on the West Coast. Beach everywhere. A few roads down from where we were staying they had a bicycle path that goes along the beach. If you are that person who put ” I love long walks on the beach..” on your dating profile this would be the perfect spot for you. They even have little huts where you can sit and take in the ocean breeze.

“Guys the ocean is the other way!”, Posers.

One thing I can say with certainty is that the beaches are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Think, clear waters with different shades of blue and green. Think, warm calm currents drifting along the shores. Besides the slight saltiness, we became mermaids that weekend.

Beach Bums

The awesome thing about Jurien Bay is that if you become a little tired of the main beach (not possible) there are little islands that you can go visit for the day. Luckily my uncle had brought his boat along so we could soar across the water to Favourite Island. This doesn’t mean that it is the only way to get across. If you are a bit more daring, we did rescue some canoer’s from the wind. If you do canoe across I suggest checking the weather forecast, unless you don’t mind being pushed across the Indian Ocean.


Work It!

Favourite Island, that is its name and you can see why. It is like having your own private little beach. You cannot go very far until you are met with water but it does have a little cave if you feel like you need that little extra adventure. Brunch time was oh so delicious as we had bacon and egg rolls made on the “skottel” (can only explain it as a portable frying pan). The beach is big enough to share with a few of the locals – in our case, it was the hungry birds. The birds were not the only animals we got to see that day. There we were stuffing our faces and what do we see? Dolphins! It is the first time that I have ever seen them so close to the shore. Not one or two, but at least five! Sadly we were too busy dreaming about swimming with them to take a picture, but those are the best experiences when you put your whole focus on being in the moment.

Favourite Island. Crystal clear and Oh So Beautiful.

If you have enough space on your boat I recommend bringing a pool doughnut / lie low, it is an awesome way to stay cool while catching a tan in the water. Just make sure not to float away as I am sure you don’t want to wake up to from your magnificent dream to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. Favourite Island is the perfect place to catch up on your tan, read a book, play some soccer or even catch up on your Zzz’s. Warning, before you come on holiday make one hundred percent sure you buy at least 50 bottles of sunblock, as it will become your best friend. The sun in Perth is strong. A tan is great, but tomatoes are only meant for salads.


How I came home pale, I really don’t know??

Heading back home does not have to be a sad affair as you get to look forward to seeing who can be thrown off the tube first! Picking up speed. We traveled faster, seawater spraying us every which way. Our bums being bounced up in the air only to land with a thud and that was just us on the boat. I can’t imagine how they felt on the tube!

I’m on a boat!

If you want a little post tanning snack there is a cute little bakery called the Bay Bakery that sells the most decadent desserts and savory pastries. As you walk outside you will see, hanging from the wall of the next shop, a mini library. I really thought that this was such a great idea. Basically, in order to take a book from the box, you must replace it with one of your own books. It is recycling at its best, I LOVE IT!


” Take a book, leave a book”

Back at the house, we did what you do when on holiday by celebrating with ice-cold beers, lots of laughter and a game or two of cricket. I guess we needed to circulate our blood again after all that relaxing on the beach.

Let the good times roll.

All in all Jurien Bay was bliss. It is a place you go to when you just want to get away from your everyday hustle. I do recommend exploring to see what else that this place has to offer, that is the whole point. If you don’t you could easily find yourself doing nothing. The beaches are beautiful and the people are friendly. At the end of the day, it really comes down to whom you decide to spend your time with. Luckily for us, we got to spend it with our crazy but amazing family. Totally worth sleeping on bunks!

I LOVE Mia Familia!

” I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list” – Susan Sontag

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