Perth: Off to the horse races

What comes to mind when you think of horse racing? Well for me it is fancy attire, posh accents and cocktails being politely sipped. Don’t judge me, I am human and as a human, some of us may be stereotypical in certain situations. I have never thought of myself as the posh girl but I was excited nonetheless. It really gives you an opportunity to experience sports other than the usual cricket and rugby. It also gave me the chance to try out all my cousin’s makeup!

Sorry for going off track… where were we? Oh yes, the horse races. So there we all were rushing around trying to get ready, because who likes to get ready in advance when you would miss out on the adrenaline rush of being late. That’s the thing when there are more than two people who have to get ready it becomes an occasion just on its own. I was actually enjoying it, you know like in the movies when the main character is just standing still but everyone around them is rushing and there is this thought-provoking music in the background. That’s how it was until I came back to reality to realize I was the one everyone was waiting on.

Let’s just say we missed the first bus, but hey that’s the awesome thing about public transport 30 minutes later another one comes along! So we did a mini photo shoot as one does when you put a tiny extra effort into your appearance, I mean come on we all need that perfect display picture that says ” I woke up like this”…

Australia Fashion Week

Off the bus, we get to get family pass’s to board the train. It is always nerve wrecking, well for me at least, when some sort of official is walking towards you even if it is just the train guard. He asks us for our tickets. Pauses. My heart instantly started beating a little faster. I hate that pause, I am sure you have experienced it before too. He looks up with a straight face.

We had the wrong ticket…

Being a tourist or foreigner in a different country really does have its benefits. Let me elaborate when you step on a train with having bought the wrong train ticket you can just plead ignorance, BOOM and you are let off with a glare and a slight grunt. Safely on the train on our way to the city center, I could feel a bit of the stress disappear to make way for the excitement of where we were heading.

The train stops and we get out only to walk a few steps in order to find another bus that will take us to the race track. We scramble to get a seat on the bus. I have never been the type of person to strike up a conversation with a stranger and it always amazes me when I see people do it. I am more of an observer (no not in a stalker way, people are just so fascinating to me). This woman seems to be a regular on the bus as she strikes up a conversation with whoever is sitting next to her, one person gets off only for the next person lucky enough to sit next to her to enjoy her chit-chat (this is why I make no eye contact on public transport). Luckily we got off before I could get the pleasure of her company.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Transport on fleek.

Gloucester Park, here we come! We walk up to the smallest ticket booth I have ever seen to get tickets from a lady behind the counter. Let’s just say if you are claustrophobic that would not be the job for you. After a few bad jokes coming from my old man himself (if I’m being completely honest I think he is the one I get my sense of humor from, but I will never admit it) we had our tickets and were making our way to the track. The whole place was lit (not in the hipster sense or the way that all the cool kids would use it) and people were already parked off on the grass, waiting to place their bets or enjoying the true posh experience from the booths above.

Trot your stuff.

To be very honest I didn’t really know what was going on half the time.  Even when it came to who was winning or who was the horse we bet on or any of it for that matter. Somehow even if gambling and horse racing isn’t your cup of tea you still get caught up in the anticipation of that last lap. Everyone was clutching their drinks tight, holding their breath, some cheering the horses on and then one of two reactions played out… You either get the moan of ” It was so close” or the cheer of “Yeah boy! Bring on the cash money”. Either way, there is no doubt that the initial excitement was there.

Somebody bet on the wrong horse.

For me as someone who is a student on holiday who has not gambled a day in her life I was mainly there for the post race celebrations. Now I told you about the firework display we experienced in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve, but that did not even come close to the fireworks that evening. Suddenly the track was no longer lit, all the popular music you hear on the radio started to play and then the sky was filled with what can only be described as a rainbow of euphoric colors. As I explained in my previous posts I am a thinker and observer and moments like these really hit me like a ton of bricks. You know those moments where you feel like you are completely and utterly invincible and you wish that time would just stop so you could stay there forever.

One word, Euphoric.

That my fellow thinkers is exactly how I felt. I know, I am an easy date, just set up a few fireworks in a big field and I am yours. The reason is that I have been taught to enjoy everything life has to offer especially the small things. Cliche maybe, but true definitely. It was really the best way to end off the day.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Giddy Up!

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he came to see” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

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