Perth: Scarborough

If you were given two options and you had to choose between either:

A. Getting up before the nocturnal animals have gone to bed, the stars still awake and the snore’s of fellow sleepers whistling in your ears to go catch that evening’s supper, which I must add was cooked for Kings thanks to the awesome cooks in my family.

Or, and that is a big fat glorious OR,

B. Sleep in, get up with the rest of society, birds singing (okay maybe if you are a Disney princess, but you get the point).

Now I am no A+ student but option B sounds correct. Seriously why couldn’t tests in school be this easy? Sooner or later though you have to get out of bed right? No, worries we were off to get coffee and not just anywhere at that. Quick shower, beach attire on looking fresh we were out the door and on the road.

Now I am not one for favoritism, but Scarborough is one sexy beach. Let’s just say I’m living there in my next life. Crystal clear water, golden tans, and the cutest cafes. We walked past the first one and I got that little burst of energy, you know just enough to make yourself that cup of coffee in the morning. Well, it was a waste. Waving at the people sipping it up as we walked past, we weren’t there yet. See we were looking for a pop-up coffee shop, but all we could see was construction. No, it could not be! Was it no longer there. Has it been popped up to its full capacity?

Those waters are incredible, I could sit and stare forever.

At least one of us was awake. “Let’s go in the opposite direction”. Walking towards the beach I get that “aaaaw” feeling I always get when I am watching a rom-com. Who knew couple’s yoga was a thing? To be fair the last time I had a boyfriend was the same time the only issue I had in life was whether to have pink or blue elastics in my braces put in, but not the point!

Besides having to dodge a few umbrella poles, the walk on the beach was a great way to start the day. The sand was so warm under our feet contrasting with the cool ocean breeze, all we needed was that caffeine hit.

Leaving our footprints in the sand…

The anxiety set in again. The coffee dream moving further and furth… Oh wait, nevermind we found it. Seaburbia here we come!


Seaburbia Coffee! It was OH-SO good!

Even though our hearts were set on a cappuccino, the sweat that was creeping upon us was screaming iced-coffee. That first sip was liquid gold (dramatic). We decided to sit on the steps outside the coffee shop which overlooked the beach and a poor attempt at volleyball. Breakfast and a show! If you aren’t such a caffeine addict they have many other options. If I was such a caffeine addict I would recommend the acai bowl ( my new obsession), but if I wasn’t such a caffeine addict I wouldn’t be telling this story as it is late and I am close to hitting the hay.

Spectators to a riveting volleyball match.

I don’t know what happened to me but I was never a major animal lover. Sure the site of puppies did make me “oooooh” and “aaaaw”, but since we arrived in Australia you can truly see a major love for all creatures. Scarborough is one of the animal-friendly beaches. Sipping our coffees we are visited by a number of dogs who don’t see any problem with sharing a dog bowl that was laid out especially for the dogs after their beach run. Who can blame them the heat in Australia is insane. However the perfect weather for a surf the water filled with tiny black dots catching some gnarly air on their boards.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

 This is not goodbye, but I’ll see you later <3…

Feeling like a real beach babe it was time to head back. I really do recommend visiting this beautiful beach. It is family, dog, and surfer friendly. The people are super warm and I am not just talking about temperature the friendly nature of people always surprise me and there isn’t a shortage in this beautiful country.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself ” – Cloud Atlas.

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