Perth: Yanchep National Park

Something about nature really gets to people, it’s kind of an escape from the everyday technological life. Sometimes I am so glued to the screen of my phone that when I step out into the sunshine it is like an awesome shock to the system. Stepping out of the car the sound of the wind whistling through the branches and the birds chirping with gratitude for the beautiful day is all that fills the air. No TV, no radio, no sirens or alarms. Just nature.


Something I have always wanted and didn’t even know it was to see a Koala bear. You know those absolutely adorable little teddy bears that live in the trees and are native to Australia. Yes, those. I swear they are my spirit animal! I mean who wouldn’t want to sleep all day and take the occasional break from napping to grab a snack???


Before I got to fulfill this unknown life dream we were surprised by the sight of a kangaroo. Now I am all for animals out in nature, free to roam, but it is so different to actually see it playing out in front of you while you are making your way to the restrooms. One minute you are washing your hands and the next you have this kangaroo casually bouncing past you. I swear I saw the Joey pop out and wink at me (Nah just kidding, but wouldn’t that be cool?!)! It was a really amazing experience. I wouldn’t get too close however as I have heard they have one hell of a kick!


Yanchep National Park is really a beautiful place to visit with the whole family and have a picnic. Well if you don’t mind sharing a few PB and J’s with the local kangaroos. It is surrounded by a lake and has plenty trees to hide out and avoid the whole tomato red skin fiasco. For once in my life, however, I was too excited to think about food (so weird).

The only thing I wanted was to see a Koala. I don’t think they were as excited to see us though… they all seemed to be fast asleep. If you waited long enough you may have seen the slowest and smallest change in their sleeping position. That being said I couldn’t take my eyes off them. How could one animal be so cute? It’s just not fair! All you heard for a while was AAAAAAWWWW……we sounded like a bunch of hungry seagulls.


So don’t roll your eyes, but I am going to give you a “Did you know?” moment.

Did you know, a koala bear is fully grown within three to four years of birth?

Did you know, and males can weigh up to 13.5kg and females 10kg?

Did you know, the average lifespan of these adorable creatures is around 15 years?

Did you know, koalas and kangaroos are both called Joeys as babies? Too cute!

This was really an awesome way to end off our holiday of a lifetime. Going on a trip like this is truly a blessing. The world is so much bigger than we realize and it would really be a waste to not go out and experience it every day. Even if it means exploring the town\ city you live in. It is good for the soul. The knowledge and memories you take in even if it is unconscious is something you will never lose. Travel is never a waste.

Just do it… Until next time world, I truly appreciate you xx

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